About Us

Saving Energy Group concerns itself with the correct allocation of pre-paid energy efficiency funds. We operate using our DataBase, which identifies properties who qualify for funding. We adhere to a strict code of conduct, regarding personal Data. We follow the Data Protection Act 1998 regulations sincerely, ensuring your personal Data is in safe hands and is never compromised.

Operating within the British Isles, Saving Energy Group perform activities within the Energy Intelligence community. We are dedicated to Energy efficiency solutions. Saving Energy Group offers free advice and consultations to those seeking to reduce their energy bill or be more ethical. Or simply looking to profit from the various micro-generation schemes offered by D.E.C.C.

Saving Energy Group operate as an intermediary between the Energy Consumer, and/or the Energy solutions provider. This enables us to offer 'Real' impartial advice. We know the value of our network, as we continually seek to find our customers the best deal, whether this is the best price or the better quality, we are here to serve the customer!

Saving Energy Group Ltd

Company Details:

Saving Energy Group Ltd
Registered in England and Wales with Registration 07565987
Registered Address: Southwest Energy Centre, Long Road, Paignton, Devon, TQ4 7BL.